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Private Schools vs. State Schools

State schools in the UK have not the best reputation as compared with other types of schools. The latest GCSE results that have just been published show that grades in the UK’s state schools have dropped as compared to previous years.

A sign that our state schools may not be the best choice when it comes to education is the startling fact that the number of students who got good grades dropped by 2.1%, which is the steepest decline since the GCSE test was introduced 25 years ago. This is the more noteworthy since new government regulations in the UK require at least a grade C or better in English or maths.

Despite more students having been forced to retake the test due to this new requirement, grades on average had been poorer as compared to previous years.

private-independent-schools-UKEducation experts in the UK are for the longest time already pointing out the often significant differences between the nation’s state school and private, independent schools when it comes to education quality.

Statistics show that most of those in high paying professions such as politics, law or medicine have a background in private education, one other indication for higher education standards in privately owned schools as compared to public schools in the UK.

Among the advantages of private schools can be smaller classes. Fewer students per teacher allow teachers to dedicate more time on those individual students that need additional help during their studies. With classes that can often exceed 35 or more pupils in our public school system, this is more or less impossible with the result that those students with learning difficulties are often left out.

The United Kingdom’s private schools can be a good option for those families want to maximise their children’s chances for a good career later on in their lives. With better grades on average and the fact that many employers often give preference to those applicants that come from private independent schools, a private school can be the best thing to ensure a good career for children.

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